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Stevias Sachets
Stevias Sachets (Packets) is a great tasting, 100% natural zero calorie premium sweetener alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. You can use Stevias like sugar, to add natural sweetness to your hot or cold beverages, sprinkle on your favorite fruits and use in recipes.
Stevias Sachets is available in convenient packets and is available in the following sizes:

Stevias Sachets - 200 sachets - Rs. 758.00
Stevias Sachets - 500 sachets - Rs. 1, 895.00
 Rs.1, 800.25
Stevias Sachets - 1000 sachets - Rs. 3, 790.00
 Rs.3, 600.50
Diet Supplement
Serving size 1 sachet (1 g)         
Protein 0gm
Fat 0gm
Carbohydrates 0gm
Total Energy 0cal
Pure Stevia Extract Reb A 97%, Erythritol (natural filler from fruits, vegetables and grains).
It has zero calories.
It's made from the sweetest extract of the stevia leaf.
Our stevia extract is 97% pure Reb A (Superior Quality of highly purified stevia)
It uses only natural ingredients.
Each Stevias sachet sweetens like two teaspoons of sugar.
Stevias is suitable for weight watchers and diabetes.