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Management Team Ravi. R - Managing Director

Ravi.R founded Procarvit food products (India) Pvt limited in 2010 and as the managing director, and over the last few years, has acquired an impeccable reputation within and outside the organization, with his fine leadership qualities, commitment and dedication to excellence, He is responsible for the strategic direction of the company. He also handles business development and partnership alliances. He has over 15 years experience with over a decade in leading different Software projects like Airlines, Banking, Manufacturing and food industries in which he has designed, developed and implemented numerous software projects.

He is client focused and understands the business and technical implications in any process within an organization. He is the one who travelled many countries in a short period for the business development and to make him to be a leading in different industries. He manages the manufacturing industries with lots of in-depth knowledge in foods and beverages, drives best practices throughout the business.

An excellent work force comprising talented and dedicated professionals with experience in diverse disciplines is responsible for our reputation as a service provider par excellence among our clients. Driven by creativity and a passion for progress, he constantly enhance himself by embracing new growth oriented ideas and technology to help his clients realize their full potential and equip them with a competitive edge.

Dr. Vijay Anand - Executive Director

Dr. Vijay Anand, a certified Project Management Professional, has many years of experience in Environmental research and water resource he is the person who stands behind Stevias day-to-day operations. He manages the company's delivery function and drives best practices throughout the business. He has wide knowledge in the financial, government, and pharmaceutical industries and is the driver behind our vertical-specific methodologies.

He has also worked as a consultant and technical adviser with a good number of leading corporate companies. His commitment coupled with drive for success has enabled Stevias to grow into one of the fastest growing companies in the industry in the last few years. He also holds a position as director of development.

He possesses many years of experience in Environmental research solutions and its emerging technologies. Dr.Vijay provides us with the cutting edge he is responsible to board of directors .Entire corporate management including financial, commercial, and employee management, planning the corporate blue print, ensuring compliance with company objectives, project implementation and supervision of general developement.