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Get treated with the most delicious recipes that come with the healthy bar. Click on to find the south Indian recipes made from stevias.
About Procarvit
Procarvit Food Products (India) Pvt Ltd , an India based company ,is engaged in the manufacturing, export and marketing of high quality premium natural food products as well as the leading provider of quality food and beverage products that meet both regional and global standards. We are against artificial food products as they harm our health in so many ways. We bring the guarantee of 100% natural, 100% quality & 100% purity to every Indian household.
Our company has been operating since 2010 & is solely an Indian company sourcing the best available products from here and overseas. Our aim is to provide access to great healthy products at an affordable price to everyone We do not compromise on our quality & we value our customers by providing the best customer experience we can when they deal with us. So we choose to work only with like minded suppliers.
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Procarvit is proud to launch its own retail Stevia products in sachets, tablets, Powder, pure and liquid under the brand name "STEVIAS" These products conform to the highest standards of food safety and will surely bring cheer to the millions of diabetics, weight watchers and health conscious people in India and around the world.